Our firm
“ We put our expertise at your service. ”

Our firm

Our firm was founded in July 2002 by Maître Daniel Dessard, long-time associate of Presidents of the Bar Hannequart & Rasir, in the association of the same name.

Our team has acknowledged experience in the field of business law. We are particularly specialised in matters of intellectual property, competition, trade practices, corporate law, retail law, liability, and building law. These specialities do not, however, prevent us from handling trade and administrative legal issues related to business law.

We will work closely with you in these areas to provide initial advice and consultation, to take part in meetings with important customers, to write and negotiate contracts and, of course, to assist you with all legal procedures, when required.

We are active nationally thanks to a network of specialised colleagues. Internationally, our office is part of the IURICOM network, which provides us with contacts across Europe and in North America. We work with colleagues whom we know personally, therefore ensuring a high degree of effectiveness. This also enables us to act as the primary contact handling your file regardless of where litigation is taking place and of the object of the consultation.

It is the goal of our office, and all of the members of our team, to remain at the leading edge of our profession through personal training, the writing of review articles, and speaking engagements at conferences.

We seek to provide precise and practical advice adapted to the specificities of your issues and to do so promptly while ensuring that the all-important personal touch is maintained throughout the professional relationship.